Internet Beauty Test Subject: DIY Valentine’s Day Manicure

Vday ManiPicture from here

Well, hey there! Valentine’s Day is coming up and I know some of you ladies want to feel a little fancy (even if you don’t have anything planned). And why not? You should feel fancy. So I’m trying a DIY manicure that I found on pinterest so you can be informed if you’re thinking about giving it a try.

As you can see, this manicure is a little different. It’s called a “reverse French manicure” – which in and of itself is chic – but this particular manicure uses the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers for extra fanciness.

Hypothesis: With nail stickers, hole punch reinforcements and some nail polish you can create a fun and different manicure (here’s hoping!)

Prediction: I’ve never tried the nail stickers, but I’ve heard they are fairly easy to use and last longer than regular polish. However, I’m a bit wary of how the hole punch reinforcements will affect the stickers.

Items Used:

  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Patterns (I used “Kitty Kitty”)
  • Hole punch reinforcements (I got mine at Rite Aid)
  • Red nail polish
  • Top coat

I started by sizing the nail stickers on my nails and It took me about 45 minutes to apply them. I was meticulously placing each sticker on the base by my cuticle and stretching it so it covered the whole nail. Then, I filed the excess sticker off with the little emery board that comes with the nail stickers. Applying the nail stickers was exhausting.

I let the nail stickers set for about 5 minutes and then put the reinforcements on each nail (see picture above). I ripped each reinforcement to make the rounded edge larger. Then, I painted the red polish on the top part of my nail, using the reinforcement as a guideline. I put two coats of red and the clear top coat over it.

Analysis: As you can see, my manicure did not come out as pretty as the original tutorial. The stickers were not as easy as I had hoped. The reinforcements were very sticky and threatened to remove the nail stickers on every nail. I think with some practice I may be able to make my nails look a little better. Have you ever seen the Pinterest Fails on Buzzfeed? Well, I feel like the picture of my nails could be on there, and underneath it would say “…Nailed It” (ha – so much pun).

Nailed It 2

Sally Hansen Salon Effects “Kitty Kitty” = $10.00
Hole punch reinforcements = $2.50

Time Consumed: It took me about an hour to apply the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips and paint my nails over the reinforcements.

Pre-Event Feasibility: This would be fun to do before a party (or before date night) – but I would suggest a few test-runs before.

End Result: I would like to try this style of French manicure again, but with plain nail polish instead of the nail polish stickers. 

Have you tried this type of manicure before? Leave a comment below!

Bottom left photo from here