Mood Board Monday: Sunny First Birthday

In about a month I will be the mother of a one year old. This is particularly jarring for me because I’m pretty sure it’s still May of 2012 and I’m confused by the mounds of snow outside. TIME HAS FLOWN. And that is a serious understatement.

But, with this “oh my god my child is one” panic also comes some mandatory party planning, so at least there’s that. Enter today’s mood board. The theme for her party is “Good Day Sunshine” and here are some pretty pictures:

first birthday mood board final1. Bad Hair Day print (for sale for $30) from here; 2. Lemonade stand from here; 3. Straws from etsy; 4. Sunshine wall decor from here; 5. Yellow and white paper garland from here; 6. Yellow snack cups from here; 7.  Sunny party picks from etsy (now sold out); 8. Balloon fun from here; 9. Baby head garland from here;

How ridiculously amazing is that baby head garland along the bottom? I’ve already picked out some goofy baby photos that will do the job. And a little explanation behind the balloons – they are held into the ground with golf tees. I will be doing this on the walkway leading up to my house with yellow balloons (and my dog will most likely pack his bags and move out shortly after due to his crippling balloon fear).

Overall I’m super excited. Have you thrown a first birthday party? Tell me about it! Leave a comment or shoot me an email at

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