Internet Beauty Test Subject: DIY Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner final

Most women I know use eyeliner everyday with their morning makeup routine. But liquid or gel eyeliner? It can be a little scary. But fear not! Once you have used it a few times it becomes less frightening. The winged eyeliner look is timeless and it adds a bit of glamour to your look. I usually keep my eye makeup pretty simple – liquid eyeliner (usually without the wing), some mascara and neutral eyeshadow. I decided I wanted to try the winged look. I used this tutorial from Beautylish and modified it slightly.

Hypothesis: Adding a “wing” to your eyeliner can give you a sophisticated and glamorous look.

Prediction: As I mentioned, I don’t usually change up my makeup routine in the morning – mostly because I’m too tired and I run out of time. I’ve tried adding a wing to my eyeliner before, but I feel like it was very modest. I’m a little concerned that I’ll just keep adding eyeliner to both eyes in an attempt to make them even and end up looking very scary.

Test: After applying my mascara (I use Benefit BADgal Lash from Sephora), I applied the liquid liner along my lashline trying to get as close as I could to my lashes. Then, I used a brow pencil as a guide and made a line out past the corner of my eye. Once I had the “wing” I made a line back in towards the inner corner of my eye filling in with the liquid liner as I went. I had to remove some eyeliner with a cotton swab to make them as even as possible.

Analysis: I really like the way it came out. My boyfriend came home to me sitting on the couch watching TV with more eye makeup on than I usually wear and said I looked pretty (d’awww). He had no idea why I looked different – but hey, I figure that’s a win!

Cost: I bought my liquid liner from Target for about $8.00. It’s called L’Oreal Telescopic Precision.

Time Consumed: It took me about 20 minutes to get my eyeliner to match on each eye.

Pre-Event Feasibility: Going to a party or doing your own make up for your wedding? With a little practice you can master the winged eyeliner look and add some fanciness to your eye makeup.

End Result: I’m going to try and do the winged eyeliner more often. Maybe on the weekends? Maybe every other Tuesday? Who knows! I’m excited!

Have you tried the winged eyeliner look? Leave a comment below!