It’s Wedding Season!


Despite a dreary forecast, yesterday’s wedding was sunny and warm. We supplied on-site coordination, while a family member of the couple supplied the gorgeous decor and flowers. Such a lovely day with lovely people!

Word to the wise – even when the forecast says 60 degrees and rainy, wear sunblock. Please. Learn from my mistake.

Side note – I know we’ve been very quiet around these parts! Thank you for being patient with us and sticking around – We’re re-thinking the structure of the blog and will be back soon with great things!

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Favorite Day <3’s Boston.

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We at Favorite Day have been shaken to the core by the events that have been unfolding in Boston all week (and are still unfolding as I type). We have strong ties to the city and have many friends and family who were very close to (or in) Copley Square when things went down. I almost don’t want to mention it on our silly little event planning blog because what we do here seems incredibly trivial after watching real life horror stories unfold next door. We almost didn’t want to post at all. But this blog is also a distraction for us. A good way to let off some steam and put our minds on something happy and hopeful. And what is happier and more hopeful than a party – a gathering of friends and family?

Also, I must add that we are intensely proud of our city and the people in it. We plan to dedicate all of next week to Boston, so please keep an eye out for that!

In the meantime, I know that we promised a cocktail today, but it’s not going to happen. We will save it for later when it feels more appropriate.

If you’re not local, keep your thoughts with our beautiful city.

Much Love,

The ladies at Favorite Day

Photo from here. Proceeds from all sales go 100% to One Fund Boston. Prints, Tees, and Totes available.


Happy almost spring, everyone!

One million apologies for the severe lack of content lately, we promise that we’re still alive. Stay tuned, we’ve got some great things in the works!


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COUGH COUGH Pardon me…

influenza_A_virus(photo from here)

Two thirds of our trio has come down with some sort of sickness. We apologize for the lack of content on this fine Monday, but should be returning to you shortly and in full health and with all sorts of fun things.

In the meantime, make sure to get rest and fluids and vitamins! This is going around and around!

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