Pretty Things: Short Wedding Dresses

Who says your wedding dress has to be full length?  Your grandma, that’s who.  I keed, I keed.  But really, it seems like the majority of brides choose to wear a long gown on their wedding day.  Perhaps they think that a short dress would be too casual, but in my opinion a knee or tea length dress can be just as elegant and formal as the poofiest floor length Cinderella ball gown.  Also, wearing a short dress is a great way to assert your individuality and really stand out among the crowd.  Check out the short dresses on the brides below.  I’ve chosen to showcase a variety of dress styles to show just how versatile this look can be.


Clockwise from top left: Amandine and Arnaud, featured on Style Me Pretty; Laura and Omar, from Vinny D Photography; Kristin and Laura, from Kelly Prizel Photography; Anna and Tom, featured on London Bride

In the top left picture the bride wears a very simple, yet super classy (and super affordable!) knee length ball gown from Light in the Box.  You can check out the exact dress here.  The lovely bride in the top right is wearing a super fun and modern feather dress from bebe.   I don’t think that this exact dress is available anymore, but here’s something very similar.  It’s a bit hard to tell, but in the bottom left picture both ladies are sporting short dresses.  Kristin’s textured tea length dress is from Stephanie James Couture.  I believe this is the “Mrs Kennedy” dress.   Laura’s open back lace sheath is from Amy Kuschel.  This salon is based out of San Francisco, but it does look like they have retailers all over the US.  The bride on the lower right is wearing a vintage dress from the 1950s from Fur Coat No Knickers in London.  Going vintage can be a great way to save money on a dress.  However, it may require many hours sifting through vintage shops to find something that you not only love, but that’s also in your size.  If you’re looking for something vintage inspired check out Ruche.  In addition to their wide selection of bridal and bridesmaids dresses, they also have vintage inspired shoes and accessories at really reasonable prices.

If you want to see more pictures of these gorgeous ladies and their dresses you can check out the full galleries of each wedding by clicking the links in the picture caption.

One of the many benefits of wearing a short wedding dress is that you’ll have a chance to show off some fancy shoes.  I know that  lot of brides these days are picking brightly colored or otherwise fun shoes to wear under their gowns, but with long dresses they often remain hidden.  Be sure to click through the links below to see the full galleries of each wedding.

Or how about adding something a little more unexpected?  The ladies below chose to wear colored crinoline petticoats under their dresses.  Again, don’t forget to click on the links below to see the full galleries.

To see more pictures of short wedding dresses head on over to our Pinterest page, and don’t forget to follow us!

How do you feel about the short dress trend?  Would you ever considered wearing one?   Leave us a comment and let us know.



Mood Board Monday: Ombre Obsession

Ombré (pronounced ohm-bray, or ohm-brah if you want to talk in a fancy french accent) is a trend that I’ve been seeing everywhere lately. What is ombré exactly? Basically, it’s just a gradual change in color. If you want to get all technical, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ombré as: having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.

This theme is great if you are drawn to a particular color but can’t quite nail down a shade. With ombré you don’t have to choose, and since the colors are from the same family, there’s no need to worry about clashing.  My inspiration for this board came from the pic of the lovely bridesmaids in the upper left corner.  I’m not quite sure how they ended up as picture 4.  Poor planning on my part, I guess.  Regardless, the various shades of blue add depth and visual interest, while still coordinating beautifully.

Ombre Board

1. Cake from Bobbette & Belle 2. Statement necklace from Etsy 3. Blue bottles pic found here 4. Blue bridesmaids pic found here 5. Ombré escorts found here 6. Custom invitations from Etsy 7. Pinwheel bouquet from Etsy

The fabulous thing about ombré is that it can be done with any color, so the possibilities are limitless.  Are you looking for inspiration?  Head on over to the paint department in your local home improvement store and snag a few free paint sample cards.  You could even hand sample cards out to your bridesmaids to make their lives a bit easier when it comes to dress color selection.

From here

Photo from here

What do you think about this ombré craze?  Are you planning on utilizing this theme at your wedding or next party?  Leave us a comment and tell us all about your plans!


Pretty Things: Wedding Gown Trends for 2013

I had two other posts in my head for today, but I will confess –  this is neither of them. Another confession – for my own wedding, the dress was an afterthought. I bought it for $250 and wasn’t in love with it, but it served its purpose. While I sort of regret this, I didn’t regret the money it saved me to put toward music and food.

Today, though,  I was up super early messing around with the internets on my phone, and Pinterest spoke to me. I keep seeing fresh-off-the-runway photos of gowns that are displaying some common trends. These are my favorite three. If I were to do my own wedding over, some of the dresses below would probably be in the running.

color gowns text

Clockwise from top left: Red Vera Wang from here; Blue Oscar de la Renta from here; Black Atelier Aimee from here; Gold BHLDN Isadora gown from here.

Do you know how many shades of white there are? Too many. Go into any gown shop and they will rattle them off to you as you stare dumbfounded. White, ivory, pearl, eggshell, diamond… How about red? Blue? One of my favorite trends this year is going totally against the white dress standard and wearing whatever color you feel awesome in. I will go for the gold one, please and thank you.

ruffle gowns text

Clockwise from top left: Monique Lhuillier from here; Oscar de la Renta from Style Me Pretty; Monique Lhuillier’s Amber from here; Vera Wang from Style Me Pretty.

I love this trend. Mostly simple tops, but big crazy ruffly skirts. To me, this is everything a wedding dress should be. Classy but somehow still sort of over the top. And how amazing is that Vera Wang on the bottom left? I need to find an excuse to wear that.

sheer gowns text

Clockwise from top left: Christos gown from here;  Monique Lhuillier from here; Sheer shoulder detailed gown from Style Me Pretty; Jane Yeh from here.

I’m seeing this everywhere – not only in wedding gowns. Sheer details, especially around the neckline, are a great option if you’re looking for a little embellishment without beading or too much glitz. Understated, but eye-catching.

Did I skip your favorite trend? Let me know! And if you’re wearing any of these dresses for your event, I want to know that too! Or we could just chat and be friends? Either way, leave us a comment.

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It’s Valentine’s Day and I got you some flowers.

In the spirit of the holiday, let’s look at some pretty flowers. Specifically, there are a few trends that I see popping up around the internet that I think are really interesting and lovely.

succulents text

Clockwise from top left: photos from here, here, here and here.

One of my favorite flower trends is adding succulents into your arrangements. You can work them into classic and rustic looks. They are surprisingly versatile and I assume they last longer than other more sensitive flowers.

roses text

Clockwise from top left, Photos from here, here, here, and here.

I’m not a huge fan of your generic rose. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely have their place (Valentine’s Day perhaps?). These roses are far from generic and are mostly English and Garden roses, but I love how they are tightly wound blooms. They just seem more exotic. They can be used paired with (or in place of) ranunculus and peonies and have longer growing seasons, so may be more readily available. And they’re lovely.

nonfloral text

Clockwise from top left: Fabric flowers from here, feathers from here, paper from here, and brooches from here.

I love love love the idea of using something that’s not only going to last you a long time, but perhaps forever? If you’re really sentimental, you can keep it with all of your bridal stuff and pass it along to your kids. I’m a fan of them, however, because you can make them WELL IN ADVANCE! They are beautiful, and if you plan on DIYing your flowers, you can practice and practice without panicking. Win win!

And if you’re a dude (or just not into flowers), here is a dancing robot, some explosions, and bacon.

Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

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Oooh Shiny: Bridesmaids and Statement Jewelry

statement jewelry with textClockwise from top left: 1. Photo from here 2. Style Me Pretty 3. Green Wedding Shoes 4. from here. Original Source Unknown.

Hello friends! Let’s chat about jewelry. Brides have been stacking on the statement jewelry pieces for forever. I remember when I got married how important my jewelry seemed. I took my time and found the perfect pieces. For my bridesmaids? I wanted to make sure everyone was happy, so I got them some unassuming, non-threatening earrings. They were lovely, but admittedly, they get lost in the photos. This is all well and good, but more and more I see bridesmaids all wearing statement jewelry and I think this is a great trend! I decided to take a crack at putting together some statement jewelry/bridesmaids dress pairings for you and give you some little tips along the way.

pairing 1

Necklace from Jeweliq, Dress by Donna Morgan, photo from here.

When you are bringing a big chunky necklace to the party, make sure the dress can handle it. You don’t want things to look too busy with beads and straps everywhere (or maybe you do – that’s fine too). I think statement necklaces work best, however, when you’re working with a strapless or more open-necked dress style.
pairing 2

Necklace from Etsy, Dress by Jim Hjelm

For the bling, you could go neutral and shiny with metallics or clear stones (diamonds?), but for necklaces I really love colors.

pairing 3

Earrings from BHLDN, Dress by Alfred Angelo, photo from

Big earrings go well with the higher-necked dresses and one-shoulder styles. My thought is this – if the dress makes it difficult for you to wear a necklace, pump up the earrings to make up for it.

pairing 4

Earrings from JewelMint, Dress from Two Birds Bridesmaid

Keep in mind that statement pieces work best as a solo act. Pairing big earrings with a diesel necklace is going to make everything look overdone. Not to mention it’s gonna be heavy. Poor bridesmaids.

I have personally ordered jewelry from, and loved it. Their pieces are really reasonably priced and they offer free shipping. Sarah has used and has gotten some great pieces from them. J Crew also has some great statement pieces.

Also, don’t be afraid to try big cuff bracelets and headwear!

Are your bridesmaids wearing statement jewelry? Let us know in the comments (and send us some pictures)!

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