Mood Board Monday: Tea Party

It’s finally spring and we’re back with more great party ideas!

I’ve been knocking around the idea for some sort of vintage tea party board for a while now, but my inspiration was a bit lacking.  Initially I had been shying away from the whole “Alice in Wonderland” theme as I thought it would be a bit too cliche, but then I came upon a post on Decor4All featuring an Alice  inspired Halloween party.  I really loved the way they  had incorporated the theme while still keeping with a muted color scheme.  The wheels started turning again and I came up with this.  I decided to stick with my initial vintage theme, but added  some fun Alice inspired details.

Tea Party 1. clock tablescape pic from here   2. vintage cake stand pic from here  3. Alice invite pic from here  4. cakes from Parisian Party 5. stacked cups pic found on Pinterest, but unfortunately the source link no longer works  6. croquet pic from here

The thing that I really love about this theme is that it is so versatile and can be easily modified to fit almost any party or occasion.  Take a look at this vintage eclectic Alice in Wonderland tea party found on the Nellie Bellie blog.  I love the way they’ve used playing cards as bunting.katiesbirthday_thumb

Or what about this sweet pink and blue tea party baby shower from Australian event stylist Kiss Me Kate.  I could also see this exact theme being lovely for a bridal shower or a first birthday party.alice baby

If Alice isn’t really your style you can check out this fabulous Queen of Hearts inspired wedding shoot by Adrienne Gunde Photography.queen

Do you have an idea for a theme event but just can’t figure out where to start?  Leave us a comment or send us an email and we’ll do the dirty work for you!



Mood Board Monday: Sunny First Birthday

In about a month I will be the mother of a one year old. This is particularly jarring for me because I’m pretty sure it’s still May of 2012 and I’m confused by the mounds of snow outside. TIME HAS FLOWN. And that is a serious understatement.

But, with this “oh my god my child is one” panic also comes some mandatory party planning, so at least there’s that. Enter today’s mood board. The theme for her party is “Good Day Sunshine” and here are some pretty pictures:

first birthday mood board final1. Bad Hair Day print (for sale for $30) from here; 2. Lemonade stand from here; 3. Straws from etsy; 4. Sunshine wall decor from here; 5. Yellow and white paper garland from here; 6. Yellow snack cups from here; 7.  Sunny party picks from etsy (now sold out); 8. Balloon fun from here; 9. Baby head garland from here;

How ridiculously amazing is that baby head garland along the bottom? I’ve already picked out some goofy baby photos that will do the job. And a little explanation behind the balloons – they are held into the ground with golf tees. I will be doing this on the walkway leading up to my house with yellow balloons (and my dog will most likely pack his bags and move out shortly after due to his crippling balloon fear).

Overall I’m super excited. Have you thrown a first birthday party? Tell me about it! Leave a comment or shoot me an email at

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Mood Board Monday: Man Party

After a whirlwind week of last minute details, complications, resolutions of complications, we pulled off an extremely successful surprise 30th this weekend.

For the record – my measure of success is the amount of sheer goofiness I can achieve out of the most straight-faced of the party guests.

For this party, I focused on a few of the guest of honor’s favorite things – beer, cheese, and chocolate. Since his birthday actually takes place two days before the end of the Mayan calendar, and therefore the rumored end of existence, I added that into the theme as well: beer and cheese and chocolate and the apocalypse.

I present to you my initial inspiration board. It’s not completely cohesive, but my job was to make it that way in execution.

man party final1. Guinness Chocolate Cake from here 2. Killer Cheese Spread from here (with more awesome cheese photos, so check it out) 3. Black and Red Linens – the most apocalyptic colors I could think of. Photo from here.  4. Pimp your drink station. Such a goofy and good idea. From Rock n Roll Bride.  5. Wine glass lamps for centerpieces, from here.  6. Photo arrangement – I substituted “50” for “30” and added more collages. Photo from here.

Stay tuned to see how it all came together!