Mood Board Monday: Wanderlust Part 1

Well, good Monday to you all! If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting there at your day job, solemn, mourning your weekend, and dreaming of far flung places where you’d rather be spending your time.

Sarah is in Spain right now, so I’m pretty much in daydream mode. My destination of choice today? Morocco. For your viewing pleasure, here is my take on a teal and gold party with Moroccan accents.

teal morocco board final1. Inspiration from here; 2. Cake from here; 3. Lanterns from here; 4. Invitations with patterned band from Etsy; 5. Pouf with tea glasses from here; 6. Earrings from here; 7. Dress also from here and originally from Etsy; 8. Gold and floral accents from here.

I love the patterns and detail of Moroccan architecture. Something as mundane as a door can be achingly beautiful. Take the pattern, the gold touches, and carry them through in all of your small details.  Add some long and flowing dresses and maybe a lounge area with stuffed Moroccan poufs and you’ve got yourself a party. I also really love the idea of grouping things en masse to make a statement. If you’re going to do that here, try some lanterns grouped and hung from the ceiling. Maybe over the dance floor? Over an entryway? It’s a great way to bring in mood lighting and color, and introduce guests to your theme.

Got an idea for a mood board? Throwing a party and want us to put a board together for you? Let us know! Leave a comment or shoot me an email at!

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