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Mood Board Monday: Ombre Obsession

Ombré (pronounced ohm-bray, or ohm-brah if you want to talk in a fancy french accent) is a trend that I’ve been seeing everywhere lately. What is ombré exactly? Basically, it’s just a gradual change in color. If you want to get all technical, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ombré as: having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.

This theme is great if you are drawn to a particular color but can’t quite nail down a shade. With ombré you don’t have to choose, and since the colors are from the same family, there’s no need to worry about clashing.  My inspiration for this board came from the pic of the lovely bridesmaids in the upper left corner.  I’m not quite sure how they ended up as picture 4.  Poor planning on my part, I guess.  Regardless, the various shades of blue add depth and visual interest, while still coordinating beautifully.

Ombre Board

1. Cake from Bobbette & Belle 2. Statement necklace from Etsy 3. Blue bottles pic found here 4. Blue bridesmaids pic found here 5. Ombré escorts found here 6. Custom invitations from Etsy 7. Pinwheel bouquet from Etsy

The fabulous thing about ombré is that it can be done with any color, so the possibilities are limitless.  Are you looking for inspiration?  Head on over to the paint department in your local home improvement store and snag a few free paint sample cards.  You could even hand sample cards out to your bridesmaids to make their lives a bit easier when it comes to dress color selection.

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What do you think about this ombré craze?  Are you planning on utilizing this theme at your wedding or next party?  Leave us a comment and tell us all about your plans!


The Art of Lounging: 5 Tips for Creating a Lounge at Your Next Event

lounge topPhoto from Jonathan Adler.

Happy Friday, friends! If you’ve been following our blog you know that our goal is to make your next event (and your life leading up to the event) extraordinary. We hope to shed some light on details that you may not have thought of. One overlooked and underutilized element that I love is the lounge.

So what is the purpose of a lounge at an event? To facilitate ease of conversation. To provide a bit of a rest or escape from dance-mania. To have a place to catch up with an old friend. These are all great reasons. Another can be that they can be really beautiful.

outdoor editLeft from tumblr (can’t find original source); Right from here.

Here are a few tips on building your lounge area:

1. Find inspiration from permanent lounge and lobby areas. My favorite place to get inspiration? Hotels. The best part is that you can find images all over the internet. Google is your friend. For a formal look, go toward the fancier hotels. For more trendy, look at the boutique hotels. If you’re looking for a more casual look, you can look at lodge-style hotels or any hotel’s outdoor, beach, or poolside lounge areas. What types of furniture do they use? How do they help with easy conversation, or multiple conversations?

2. Bring the indoors outside, or bring the outdoors in. Planning an outdoor event? Don’t be afraid to bring interior items outside. Couches, lamps, etc. Unexpected and memorable. Conversely, you can also bring the outdoors in. If your event is inside, don’t be afraid to add lots plants, flowers and greenery.

resourceful editLeft from here; Right from here.

3. Decide whether you will rent, buy or borrow items to build your lounge area. If you are already renting items for your event, your rental company may have more comfortable furniture for rent as well and may be able to help you piece together a lovely lounge. Or you could skip the extra expense and use pieces that you already have. First, make sure you’re okay with moving them and having them being well-used for your day. For example, if you have a comfy patio set, you can incorporate that into your lounge. Seating is key, but make sure you have plenty of surfaces (for drinks and snacks) as well. You can also be creative. A table can be a table, but so can an overturned barrel or an old trunk. Seating can be couches, rocking chairs, poufs, or ottomans. Beanbags? Benches? Sure!

separate editLeft image from here; Right from here.

4. Separate it a little from the noise. You want to make talking easy, but keep the area as part of the event. You can separate your lounge by keeping it away from the dance floor. You can also add some curtains or another kind of divider  to define the space more clearly.

5. Dress it up. Add throw pillows – a lot of them – for comfort, color and pattern. Flowers. Bowls of pretty snacks (snacks are very important). Then, light it up. Add candles on tables, lanterns, lamps. Hang a chandelier overhead. The possibilities are endless.

Are you having a lounge area at your next event? Tell me about it! Leave a comment or shoot me an email at

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Mood Board Monday: Wanderlust Part 1

Well, good Monday to you all! If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting there at your day job, solemn, mourning your weekend, and dreaming of far flung places where you’d rather be spending your time.

Sarah is in Spain right now, so I’m pretty much in daydream mode. My destination of choice today? Morocco. For your viewing pleasure, here is my take on a teal and gold party with Moroccan accents.

teal morocco board final1. Inspiration from here; 2. Cake from here; 3. Lanterns from here; 4. Invitations with patterned band from Etsy; 5. Pouf with tea glasses from here; 6. Earrings from here; 7. Dress also from here and originally from Etsy; 8. Gold and floral accents from here.

I love the patterns and detail of Moroccan architecture. Something as mundane as a door can be achingly beautiful. Take the pattern, the gold touches, and carry them through in all of your small details.  Add some long and flowing dresses and maybe a lounge area with stuffed Moroccan poufs and you’ve got yourself a party. I also really love the idea of grouping things en masse to make a statement. If you’re going to do that here, try some lanterns grouped and hung from the ceiling. Maybe over the dance floor? Over an entryway? It’s a great way to bring in mood lighting and color, and introduce guests to your theme.

Got an idea for a mood board? Throwing a party and want us to put a board together for you? Let us know! Leave a comment or shoot me an email at!

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Signature Cocktails: Bleeding Mimosa

bleeding mimosa header

You may have seen this lovely cocktail floating around the internet. It has been popping up in my Pinterest feed for a few weeks now. Since I’ve recently been toying with blood oranges, and I had one lying around and waiting for me to turn it into something awesome, I decided to give it a shot.

I hand-juiced a half of a blood orange and froze it into a cube and topped it with some cava. The visual was very lovely – the cube melts pretty quickly, giving a bleeding effect. With the taste, however, I wasn’t as impressed as I would like to have been. I think it could have used two blood orange cubes, which would have taken the whole orange. Note that I didn’t have a citrus juicer, so my juicing wasn’t very efficient. I think you’d be able to get twice as much juice out with the right tools. Anyway, to amp up the orange flavor, I added a little bit of my own twist to the drink.

bleeding mimosa

Bleeding Mimosa Cocktail

  • Blood oranges, juiced
  • Triple Sec
  • Champagne (or Prosecco, or Cava…. whatever floats your fancy. I used Cava.)

Freeze the juice of a few blood oranges into cubes (around one blood orange to two drinks, more if you don’t have a juicer of some sort). Place 1-2 cubes into each champagne flute. Top with a dash of triple sec and fill the rest of the way with the bubbly stuff. If you like your drinks on the sweeter side, try adding a bit of simple syrup with the triple sec.

NOTE: Because the cubes don’t last very long (even in well-chilled champagne), make sure these are served immediately. The effect is lovely and people should see it! If you are serving this at a party, these would work better as passed cocktails rather than serve-yourself bar cocktails. Think of passing them around with appetizers at a dinner party, or serving them to a group of friends during brunch. And as always, let me know how it turns out!


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