It’s Valentine’s Day and I got you some flowers.

In the spirit of the holiday, let’s look at some pretty flowers. Specifically, there are a few trends that I see popping up around the internet that I think are really interesting and lovely.

succulents text

Clockwise from top left: photos from here, here, here and here.

One of my favorite flower trends is adding succulents into your arrangements. You can work them into classic and rustic looks. They are surprisingly versatile and I assume they last longer than other more sensitive flowers.

roses text

Clockwise from top left, Photos from here, here, here, and here.

I’m not a huge fan of your generic rose. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely have their place (Valentine’s Day perhaps?). These roses are far from generic and are mostly English and Garden roses, but I love how they are tightly wound blooms. They just seem more exotic. They can be used paired with (or in place of) ranunculus and peonies and have longer growing seasons, so may be more readily available. And they’re lovely.

nonfloral text

Clockwise from top left: Fabric flowers from here, feathers from here, paper from here, and brooches from here.

I love love love the idea of using something that’s not only going to last you a long time, but perhaps forever? If you’re really sentimental, you can keep it with all of your bridal stuff and pass it along to your kids. I’m a fan of them, however, because you can make them WELL IN ADVANCE! They are beautiful, and if you plan on DIYing your flowers, you can practice and practice without panicking. Win win!

And if you’re a dude (or just not into flowers), here is a dancing robot, some explosions, and bacon.

Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

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