Internet Beauty Test Subject: DIY Spa Body Treatment

DIY Body Treatment 2From top to bottom: Coffee from here, Honey from here, Oatmeal from here

Hi guys! I’m back testing a spa body treatment that you can whip up in your own home. I found the concoction on the Real Beauty website, which also features other amazing at-home spa ideas. This body treatment recipe caught my eye because it has coffee grounds in it – which at first glance is kind of odd. But! This little trick helps your skin in two ways: by acting as an exfoliant and helping to fight cellulite. How, you ask? Well, the caffeine increases blood flow and reduces the effects of fat cells under the skin (keep your old coffee!!).

Hypothesis: You can get a spa body treatment in your own home with just a few ingredients.

Prediction: After reading about the benefits of using coffee grounds on your skin, I’m excited to try it. I think my body will feel silky smooth.

Some of your own body wash (I used my vanilla body wash)
A handful of oatmeal
A tablespoon of honey
Some olive oil
A tablespoon of powdered milk (I used regular milk)
A half scoop of ground coffee

I substituted regular milk in my mixture because I didn’t have powered milk. I also left out the lavender essential oil and just used olive oil (but feel free to use it if you have it – or any other essential oil!).

I mixed the ingredients together and took the mixture into the shower with me. I applied the mixture with my hands in circular motions from head to toe and left it on for about a minute. Then, I rinsed off with warm water.

Analysis: Right away – while still in the shower – I noticed my skin felt lovely. Also, I’m a sucker for coffee, so I thought it smelled pretty darn good too. Then, I noticed all of the oats and coffee grinds in my tub (uh oh).

Cost: About $10.00 if you don’t have all of the above ingredients.

Time Consumed: 5 minutes preparation time, 10 minutes in the shower.

Pre-Event Feasibility: This would be a great idea for an “At Home Spa Day” with friends (or by yourself) before the Big Day. It’s a great way to pamper yourself if you don’t have the money to spend the day at the spa.

End Result: I thought this spa body treatment was nice; it left my skin smooth and rejuvenated. However, it was kind of a mess. I was cleaning oats and coffee out of my tub for a few minutes. The next time I try this treatment I will probably leave out the oatmeal and keep the coffee grounds.

Have you tried any at-home spa treatments or heard of any you’d like to try out? Leave a comment below!



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