Internet Beauty Test Subject: DIY Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo

I am one of those young ladies that does not wash my hair every day. I even went as far as to not shampoo my hair for a few months (also called “no poo” – bah ha). However, I’m back to using a sulfate free shampoo every few days. So, as you can imagine, I find dry shampoos pretty exciting (especially DIY!).  This is something that you can use between washes that will absorb the oil and keep your hair looking fresh.

Hypothesis: Baking soda and corn starch will act as a dry shampoo and absorb the excess oil in your hair.

Prediction: I’ve heard of using baking soda in your hair in between washes, so I think this will be a new staple in my beauty routine.

Test: I found this blog with a simple DIY dry shampoo and decided to use it as my test subject. I mixed 1/2 cup of corn starch and 1/2 cup of baking powder in a bowl and put it into a small mason jar. I took a little bit of the mixture in my palm and spread it out over my hands. Then, with my head tipped over I started at the scalp and spread it throughout my hair. After leaving it for a few minutes I went through my hair with a fine-tooth comb.

Analysis: This DIY dry shampoo was effortless to make and even easier to use. I’ve tried store-bought dry shampoos before and they made my hair feel stiff. This was more of a light feeling and I noticed that the grease from the day wasn’t as noticeable. My hair is light brown so I did notice that it looked a little white before I combed it out.

Cost: About $4.00.

Time Consumed: It took about 5 minutes to prepare the dry shampoo and 2 minutes to apply it.

Pre-Event Feasibility: “Dirty” hair holds better in hairstyles than clean hair does. So, if you’re planning to get your hair done, this dry shampoo would be a great thing to use to keep the grease at bay.

This is a great item to have in your bag post-party too! After my hair has been through the mill with product and styling tools I need something to bring back the freshness.

End Result: There are other recipes for dry shampoo. For example, there are some for darker hair made with cocoa powder. I’ll probably try adding a little bit of cocoa powder to my mixture so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a powdered wig.

I’ll be back in a few weeks, my  friends… I’m heading to Europe. I’ll miss youuuuu.



Mood Board Monday: Sunny First Birthday

In about a month I will be the mother of a one year old. This is particularly jarring for me because I’m pretty sure it’s still May of 2012 and I’m confused by the mounds of snow outside. TIME HAS FLOWN. And that is a serious understatement.

But, with this “oh my god my child is one” panic also comes some mandatory party planning, so at least there’s that. Enter today’s mood board. The theme for her party is “Good Day Sunshine” and here are some pretty pictures:

first birthday mood board final1. Bad Hair Day print (for sale for $30) from here; 2. Lemonade stand from here; 3. Straws from etsy; 4. Sunshine wall decor from here; 5. Yellow and white paper garland from here; 6. Yellow snack cups from here; 7.  Sunny party picks from etsy (now sold out); 8. Balloon fun from here; 9. Baby head garland from here;

How ridiculously amazing is that baby head garland along the bottom? I’ve already picked out some goofy baby photos that will do the job. And a little explanation behind the balloons – they are held into the ground with golf tees. I will be doing this on the walkway leading up to my house with yellow balloons (and my dog will most likely pack his bags and move out shortly after due to his crippling balloon fear).

Overall I’m super excited. Have you thrown a first birthday party? Tell me about it! Leave a comment or shoot me an email at

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Pretty Things: Wedding Gown Trends for 2013

I had two other posts in my head for today, but I will confess –  this is neither of them. Another confession – for my own wedding, the dress was an afterthought. I bought it for $250 and wasn’t in love with it, but it served its purpose. While I sort of regret this, I didn’t regret the money it saved me to put toward music and food.

Today, though,  I was up super early messing around with the internets on my phone, and Pinterest spoke to me. I keep seeing fresh-off-the-runway photos of gowns that are displaying some common trends. These are my favorite three. If I were to do my own wedding over, some of the dresses below would probably be in the running.

color gowns text

Clockwise from top left: Red Vera Wang from here; Blue Oscar de la Renta from here; Black Atelier Aimee from here; Gold BHLDN Isadora gown from here.

Do you know how many shades of white there are? Too many. Go into any gown shop and they will rattle them off to you as you stare dumbfounded. White, ivory, pearl, eggshell, diamond… How about red? Blue? One of my favorite trends this year is going totally against the white dress standard and wearing whatever color you feel awesome in. I will go for the gold one, please and thank you.

ruffle gowns text

Clockwise from top left: Monique Lhuillier from here; Oscar de la Renta from Style Me Pretty; Monique Lhuillier’s Amber from here; Vera Wang from Style Me Pretty.

I love this trend. Mostly simple tops, but big crazy ruffly skirts. To me, this is everything a wedding dress should be. Classy but somehow still sort of over the top. And how amazing is that Vera Wang on the bottom left? I need to find an excuse to wear that.

sheer gowns text

Clockwise from top left: Christos gown from here;  Monique Lhuillier from here; Sheer shoulder detailed gown from Style Me Pretty; Jane Yeh from here.

I’m seeing this everywhere – not only in wedding gowns. Sheer details, especially around the neckline, are a great option if you’re looking for a little embellishment without beading or too much glitz. Understated, but eye-catching.

Did I skip your favorite trend? Let me know! And if you’re wearing any of these dresses for your event, I want to know that too! Or we could just chat and be friends? Either way, leave us a comment.

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Internet Beauty Test Subject: DIY Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner final

Most women I know use eyeliner everyday with their morning makeup routine. But liquid or gel eyeliner? It can be a little scary. But fear not! Once you have used it a few times it becomes less frightening. The winged eyeliner look is timeless and it adds a bit of glamour to your look. I usually keep my eye makeup pretty simple – liquid eyeliner (usually without the wing), some mascara and neutral eyeshadow. I decided I wanted to try the winged look. I used this tutorial from Beautylish and modified it slightly.

Hypothesis: Adding a “wing” to your eyeliner can give you a sophisticated and glamorous look.

Prediction: As I mentioned, I don’t usually change up my makeup routine in the morning – mostly because I’m too tired and I run out of time. I’ve tried adding a wing to my eyeliner before, but I feel like it was very modest. I’m a little concerned that I’ll just keep adding eyeliner to both eyes in an attempt to make them even and end up looking very scary.

Test: After applying my mascara (I use Benefit BADgal Lash from Sephora), I applied the liquid liner along my lashline trying to get as close as I could to my lashes. Then, I used a brow pencil as a guide and made a line out past the corner of my eye. Once I had the “wing” I made a line back in towards the inner corner of my eye filling in with the liquid liner as I went. I had to remove some eyeliner with a cotton swab to make them as even as possible.

Analysis: I really like the way it came out. My boyfriend came home to me sitting on the couch watching TV with more eye makeup on than I usually wear and said I looked pretty (d’awww). He had no idea why I looked different – but hey, I figure that’s a win!

Cost: I bought my liquid liner from Target for about $8.00. It’s called L’Oreal Telescopic Precision.

Time Consumed: It took me about 20 minutes to get my eyeliner to match on each eye.

Pre-Event Feasibility: Going to a party or doing your own make up for your wedding? With a little practice you can master the winged eyeliner look and add some fanciness to your eye makeup.

End Result: I’m going to try and do the winged eyeliner more often. Maybe on the weekends? Maybe every other Tuesday? Who knows! I’m excited!

Have you tried the winged eyeliner look? Leave a comment below!


Mood Board Monday: Inspiration from Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Starry Night

Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, picture from

Last month I posted an inspiration board based on Vincent van Gogh’s Almond Blossom painting and the internet went all out crazy.  By that I mean that the post got more than five hits on Pinterst (yay!)  So, I’ve decided to work my magic on another van Gogh masterpiece, Starry Night.  If you do a Google search for ‘starry night wedding’ you will get a lot of hits.  Starry Night cakes, Starry Night table linens, Starry Night invitations, I even saw a full out Starry Night wedding dress.  While all of these ideas are great, for me, subtlety is key.

Below I’ve shown how you can get the feel of the painting, without ever using the painting itself.  The idea is to pull colors directly from the piece, various shades of blue and bright yellows, and pair them with textures reminiscent of the swirls in the painting.  Add in some star details, or even hints of silver and glitter to get that starry feel.  Finally, string up as many twinkle lights as humanly possible to create your very own star filled sky.

Starry Night Mood Board

1. Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, 1889  2. twinkle lights picture from here  3. blue bridesmaid with yellow bouquet picture featured on Party Perfect  4. handing star lanterns picture featured on Style Me Pretty  5. sapphire blue table scape featured on Style Me Pretty  6. swirled buttercream cake from Intricate Icings  7. blue and yellow flowers,  picture from The Knot  8.  star garland picture from here

You can check out the first van Gogh post here.  If you have any ideas for future mood boards, no matter how crazy, leave us a comment and we’ll try it out.