Oooh Shiny: Bridesmaids and Statement Jewelry

statement jewelry with textClockwise from top left: 1. Photo from here 2. Style Me Pretty 3. Green Wedding Shoes 4. from here. Original Source Unknown.

Hello friends! Let’s chat about jewelry. Brides have been stacking on the statement jewelry pieces for forever. I remember when I got married how important my jewelry seemed. I took my time and found the perfect pieces. For my bridesmaids? I wanted to make sure everyone was happy, so I got them some unassuming, non-threatening earrings. They were lovely, but admittedly, they get lost in the photos. This is all well and good, but more and more I see bridesmaids all wearing statement jewelry and I think this is a great trend! I decided to take a crack at putting together some statement jewelry/bridesmaids dress pairings for you and give you some little tips along the way.

pairing 1

Necklace from Jeweliq, Dress by Donna Morgan, photo from here.

When you are bringing a big chunky necklace to the party, make sure the dress can handle it. You don’t want things to look too busy with beads and straps everywhere (or maybe you do – that’s fine too). I think statement necklaces work best, however, when you’re working with a strapless or more open-necked dress style.
pairing 2

Necklace from Etsy, Dress by Jim Hjelm

For the bling, you could go neutral and shiny with metallics or clear stones (diamonds?), but for necklaces I really love colors.

pairing 3

Earrings from BHLDN, Dress by Alfred Angelo, photo from

Big earrings go well with the higher-necked dresses and one-shoulder styles. My thought is this – if the dress makes it difficult for you to wear a necklace, pump up the earrings to make up for it.

pairing 4

Earrings from JewelMint, Dress from Two Birds Bridesmaid

Keep in mind that statement pieces work best as a solo act. Pairing big earrings with a diesel necklace is going to make everything look overdone. Not to mention it’s gonna be heavy. Poor bridesmaids.

I have personally ordered jewelry from, and loved it. Their pieces are really reasonably priced and they offer free shipping. Sarah has used and has gotten some great pieces from them. J Crew also has some great statement pieces.

Also, don’t be afraid to try big cuff bracelets and headwear!

Are your bridesmaids wearing statement jewelry? Let us know in the comments (and send us some pictures)!

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