Internet Beauty Test Subject: DIY Lip Scrub

lip scrub

The long Winter months can bring dry skin, static-y hair and chapped lips. Sounds lovely. We often exfoliate other parts of our bodies with scrubs and loofas, why not scrub our lips to keep them soft and healthy? This is where I come in. I am back at it to test a DIY lip scrub that you can make with ingredients from your own kitchen.

Hypothesis: Exfoliating your lips with a scrub can keep them looking and feeling healthy.

Prediction: I think my lips will be soft and hydrated after using the scrub (and maybe I won’t have to apply medicated lip balm every 3 minutes.)

Test: I decided to use this DIY lip scrub as my inspiration and put my own spin on it.

2/3 cup sugar (I used white sugar)
1/3 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons of honey
1 tablet of vitamin E
a small bowl
a container to put the scrub in

After I combined all of the ingredients in the bowl, I dampened my lips with a warm washcloth and applied the scrub to my lips in a circular motion for about 1 minute. Then, I washed the scrub off with a towel and applied some lip moisturizer.

Analysis: This lip scrub is incredibly easy to make and to use. I had vitamin E tablets in my cabinet, so I decided to add one to the mixture, because vitamin E is pretty much amazing. It helps your skin by speeding up cell regeneration, it prevents aging, and helps the healing process. Yay vitamin E!

Cost: I had all of the ingredients in my cabinet, which will probably be the case for most people (except maybe the vitamin E). Either way – all of the ingredients are fairly inexpensive.

Time Consumed: 5 minutes.

Pre-Event Feasibility: Have a party coming up? This scrub is a great treat for your lips, it also makes a great DIY gift idea or party favor. You can also have fun with it – try new flavors, add food coloring, or use different essential oils. Go crazy!

End Result: The next day my lips still felt soft and smooth and I don’t feel like I have to apply my lip balm as often.

 Have you made your own lip scrub? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below!



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