Internet Beauty Test Subject: Highlighting and Contouring

Hey guys! I’ve been seeing a lot about highlighting and contouring your face on the internet lately. So, here I am again, testing this technique for everyone out there that may be afraid to try it.

So, what is highlighting and contouring? It is essentially emphasizing your features with the use of light and dark colors.

Question: Will highlighting and contouring accentuate my better features and help hide the imperfections?

Hypothesis: By using a bronzer and highlighter I will be able to make my best features really stand out – while simultaneously hiding some of my not-so-fabulous features.

Prediction: After doing a bit of research, I think highlighting and contouring will sculpt and bring some dimension to my face (or just give the illusion of it!)

Test: First, I watched a “how-to” video on highlighting and contouring your makeup (you can watch it here). Then, I went out and bought the Hourglass Illume Creme – To – Powder Bronzer Duo in Bronze Light.

I started by applying my makeup as I normally do, cover-up (I use loose powder) and a little bit of bronzer. Then, using my fingers, I applied the highlighter under my eyes, on my T zone, and right under my eyebrows. Next, I applied the bronzer under my cheekbones, down my nose, right under my hairline and on my jaw line (see pictures below). Then, I applied my loose bronzer above the line I made on my cheekbone with a brush. Blend!

Women's Health Magazine Sculpt Your Face: Contouring Tricks

Women’s Health Magazine
Sculpt Your Face: Contouring Tricks

Analysis: I thought this technique was pretty easy once I became more comfortable with it. I really like using the creme-to-powder because it is easy to blend with the bronzer. It also gives your face a dewy look.

Cost: The Hourglass Illume compact I used cost about $40.00 at Sephora, but you can really use any foundation/cover-up as a highlighter and bronzer or brown matte eye shadow as the contour color.

Time Consumed: This process took me about 15 minutes. Remember! It doesn’t have to be perfect – it will look funny at first, but I realized that the idea is to BLEND.

Pre-Event Feasibility: Do you have a big party coming up? Are you doing your own makeup for your wedding? Highlighting and contouring is a great trick that makeup artists everywhere have been doing for a long time – but the best part about it is that you can do it yourself (with a little practice).

A few weeks before your party start practicing on yourself. Watch youtube videos. Try different techniques. First try a natural look, then go with a dramatic smoky eye and bold lip color. See what works for you.

End Result: I had fun with highlighting and contouring. My makeup routine had become boring and repetitive. This was a chance to experiment and change up my look.

Photo on 2013-01-15 at 20.08

Photo on 2013-01-15 at 20.24

Do you have any makeup tips or tricks? I’d love to hear about them – leave a comment below!



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