Mood Board Monday: Singing in The Rain Baby Shower

Hey internets! I’m gonna be an aunty! So in the spirit of new babies, I’ve decided to post my inspiration for my sister-in-law’s upcoming baby shower. Laurie helped me come up with the concept (my sister-in-law loves musicals). I used a movie poster that I found on the internet to come up with an invitation concept and jumping off point, and also found some fun inspiration on pinterest!


1. Movie poster from here. 2. Tablescape design from here, but it looks like it’s been removed. 3. Mason jars with paper straws and clouds. Adorable. From here. 4. Guest book idea from here. 5. Umbrella lighting. I can’t do this full-scale, but I may be able to do a small reproduction? Not sure the original source, but got it from here. 6. Rain garland. I will be DIY-ing this, but the original idea is from here.

We also have some fun shower activities in mind, and i’m putting together the soundtrack this week. I’ll post more details with photos after the shower actually happens. Keep an eye out sometime in February!

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