Oooh Shiny: Bridesmaids and Statement Jewelry

statement jewelry with textClockwise from top left: 1. Photo from here 2. Style Me Pretty 3. Green Wedding Shoes 4. from here. Original Source Unknown.

Hello friends! Let’s chat about jewelry. Brides have been stacking on the statement jewelry pieces for forever. I remember when I got married how important my jewelry seemed. I took my time and found the perfect pieces. For my bridesmaids? I wanted to make sure everyone was happy, so I got them some unassuming, non-threatening earrings. They were lovely, but admittedly, they get lost in the photos. This is all well and good, but more and more I see bridesmaids all wearing statement jewelry and I think this is a great trend! I decided to take a crack at putting together some statement jewelry/bridesmaids dress pairings for you and give you some little tips along the way.

pairing 1

Necklace from Jeweliq, Dress by Donna Morgan, photo from here.

When you are bringing a big chunky necklace to the party, make sure the dress can handle it. You don’t want things to look too busy with beads and straps everywhere (or maybe you do – that’s fine too). I think statement necklaces work best, however, when you’re working with a strapless or more open-necked dress style.
pairing 2

Necklace from Etsy, Dress by Jim Hjelm

For the bling, you could go neutral and shiny with metallics or clear stones (diamonds?), but for necklaces I really love colors.

pairing 3

Earrings from BHLDN, Dress by Alfred Angelo, photo from

Big earrings go well with the higher-necked dresses and one-shoulder styles. My thought is this – if the dress makes it difficult for you to wear a necklace, pump up the earrings to make up for it.

pairing 4

Earrings from JewelMint, Dress from Two Birds Bridesmaid

Keep in mind that statement pieces work best as a solo act. Pairing big earrings with a diesel necklace is going to make everything look overdone. Not to mention it’s gonna be heavy. Poor bridesmaids.

I have personally ordered jewelry from, and loved it. Their pieces are really reasonably priced and they offer free shipping. Sarah has used and has gotten some great pieces from them. J Crew also has some great statement pieces.

Also, don’t be afraid to try big cuff bracelets and headwear!

Are your bridesmaids wearing statement jewelry? Let us know in the comments (and send us some pictures)!

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Internet Beauty Test Subject: DIY Lip Scrub

lip scrub

The long Winter months can bring dry skin, static-y hair and chapped lips. Sounds lovely. We often exfoliate other parts of our bodies with scrubs and loofas, why not scrub our lips to keep them soft and healthy? This is where I come in. I am back at it to test a DIY lip scrub that you can make with ingredients from your own kitchen.

Hypothesis: Exfoliating your lips with a scrub can keep them looking and feeling healthy.

Prediction: I think my lips will be soft and hydrated after using the scrub (and maybe I won’t have to apply medicated lip balm every 3 minutes.)

Test: I decided to use this DIY lip scrub as my inspiration and put my own spin on it.

2/3 cup sugar (I used white sugar)
1/3 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons of honey
1 tablet of vitamin E
a small bowl
a container to put the scrub in

After I combined all of the ingredients in the bowl, I dampened my lips with a warm washcloth and applied the scrub to my lips in a circular motion for about 1 minute. Then, I washed the scrub off with a towel and applied some lip moisturizer.

Analysis: This lip scrub is incredibly easy to make and to use. I had vitamin E tablets in my cabinet, so I decided to add one to the mixture, because vitamin E is pretty much amazing. It helps your skin by speeding up cell regeneration, it prevents aging, and helps the healing process. Yay vitamin E!

Cost: I had all of the ingredients in my cabinet, which will probably be the case for most people (except maybe the vitamin E). Either way – all of the ingredients are fairly inexpensive.

Time Consumed: 5 minutes.

Pre-Event Feasibility: Have a party coming up? This scrub is a great treat for your lips, it also makes a great DIY gift idea or party favor. You can also have fun with it – try new flavors, add food coloring, or use different essential oils. Go crazy!

End Result: The next day my lips still felt soft and smooth and I don’t feel like I have to apply my lip balm as often.

 Have you made your own lip scrub? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below!


COUGH COUGH Pardon me…

influenza_A_virus(photo from here)

Two thirds of our trio has come down with some sort of sickness. We apologize for the lack of content on this fine Monday, but should be returning to you shortly and in full health and with all sorts of fun things.

In the meantime, make sure to get rest and fluids and vitamins! This is going around and around!

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On Saving (and Spending) Money
Hello friends!

I’ve been talking to a lot of folks lately about spending money vs. saving money. I plan a lot of parties in my personal life, and that means working with various family members and friends to pull something together. With so many hands, and so many opinions involved, it’s sometimes difficult to come up with a cohesive plan. With family especially, and other people footing the bill (or even part of the bill), its incredibly hard to not feel like you’re stepping on people’s toes.

Money is a sensitive subject, but if you are planning an event, chances are you’re worrying about it. I have a philosophy (and a few tips) about money though, and I figured I’d share.

1) Saving money is great. Saving money should not, however, mean buying the cheapest thing – UNLESS that cheap thing is exactly 100% what you want. There is so much STUFF out there. Some of it is cheap and worth exactly what you paid for it – not much. And some of it is expensive and terrible. BUT! Good deals exist. Give yourself time and do your research. The internet is such a big place. 90% of the time you can find exactly what you want for a price that’s within your budget. And if you’re having trouble, shoot us a line. We (especially Laurie) have super internet research powers.

2) You can save time, or you can save money, but it is incredibly hard to do both! If you start the planning process with a budget, you’re doing great. Have you considered budgeting your time as well? Set some deadlines for yourself that are reasonable. Don’t procrastinate. If you end up with a large to do list and a short time to plan, you will end up spending way more money than you originally anticipated.

3) Unreliability is a time and money waster. Think about your vendors (and potential vendors) and how reliable they are. Have you emailed 5 florists, but only 2 are getting back to you? If you feel that people are wasting your time, it is okay to move along. If you feel ignored before you put money down, chances are you will still feel that way after you book the vendor. Even if a that vendor is incredibly talented – putting money into a service or supplier that is unreliable is not a good investment of your hard-earned scratch.

4) DIY does not always mean saving money, but that is okay! When you DIY, you are creating something custom and completely for you! You don’t have to compromise. So channel your inner Martha Stewart, grab some friends, and get going. But please. Please please please. Give yourself plenty of time. DIY can be time consuming. A good rule of thumb – consider how much time you think it will take you and double it. And then give yourself some breathing room on top of that. And make sure to schedule champagne breaks.

5) It’s okay to be picky! If you are spending money, be it $5 or $500, you deserve to be spending it on something that you want and absolutely LOVE, and not something that you’re settling for because that’s all that is available. Again, budget yourself some time to find the exact pieces and services that you are looking for.

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image via Wallace Design House. You can find it here.

Internet Beauty Test Subject: Apple Cider Vinegar Facial Toner

photo (4) updateIf you’re like me, you Google everything. One thing I found during one of my many Google searches is that Apple Cider Vinegar (the good stuff – with the ‘Mother’) has many unbelievable health and beauty benefits. I started taking it about 6 months ago as a health tonic, however, I recently found out that ACV and water make a great facial toner. Vinegar has malic and lactic acid which help to clear acne, exfoliate and soften your face. ACV also naturally balances the pH of your skin. A few weeks ago I decided to make the facial toner using Bragg’s ACV, and here’s what I found:

Hypothesis: Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water makes a great facial toner.    

Prediction: Because ACV is more acidic, it naturally balances the pH of the skin, therefore I think it will at least help to dry out my skin (or make it less oily).

Test: First, I found a small mason jar to use as a container (you can find them here or at any grocery store). Then, I added the ACV to the jar and mixed it with filtered water. I started with a 1:1 ratio of ACV to water (but feel free to adjust to your skin type) and used a cotton round to swipe all over my face, avoiding your eyes. I let the toner air dry and applied a small amount of moisturizer.

Analysis: After my first application of the ACV toner I immediately noticed that my face was brighter. Now, 3 weeks later, my face feels softer and I don’t have as many breakouts. But beware! It does have a strong smell. I mean, it stinks. And it may make your eyes burn for a second (from the fumes I guess?) so close them while you’re applying the toner. The good news is, after a few uses you won’t notice the smell as much.

Cost: You can buy Bragg’s ACV at your local grocery store (I found mine at Stop & Shop) for approximately $4.00 for a 16 oz. bottle.

Time Consumed: It takes about 5 minutes to prepare and use the toner. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Pre-Event Feasibility: If your planning a wedding or party then you’re probably looking for ways to save money on other things. This is an inexpensive way to get the natural glow while clearing up your skin! It’s 2 for 1 day at Sarah’s Beauty Emporium!

End Result: I really believe that everyone should at least give this a try. This is my new facial toner. I no longer spend money on the fancy stuff.

Have you tried the ACV facial toner or any other strange beauty trick? Leave us a comment below!