Internet Beauty Test Subject: DIY Epsom Salt Pedicure

During the winter months my feet, specifically my heels, get very dry. Getting a pedicure is lovely, but who’s got the time OR the money? A few weeks ago I saw an Epsom salt foot bath on Pinterest where you simply use a toothbrush to remove the dead skin. So I thought I would give it a whirl.

Epsom salt – made of magnesium sulfate – has medicinal properties that can be used internally and externally. It can also can be used as a detoxifying agent. As a foot soak, it soothes aches, removes odors and smooths skin.

Question: Can Epsom salt and a toothbrush really remove all the unsightly dead skin on my heels?

Hypothesis: The soothing and detoxifying properties of Epsom salt will bring back my youthful looking feet.

Prediction: I predict that the foot bath will soothe my feet and make it easier to remove the dead skin. However, I’m not sure if a toothbrush will be tough enough to remove the dead skin.

Test: I dissolved a cup of Epsom salt into a tub full of warm water and I soaked my feet for about 20 minutes. Next, I took the toothbrush and scrubbed my heels gently for a few minutes. I’m not sure if the toothbrush had soft or medium bristles but it didn’t seem to be removing the skin easily.  I dried my feet off and applied lotion to my heels.

Epsom salt and toothbrush

Epsom salt and toothbrush

Before the Epsom salt foot bath (above), after the foot bath & toothbrush scrub (below)

Before the Epsom salt foot bath (above), after the foot bath & toothbrush scrub (below)

A few days later I decided to try the Epsom salt foot bath followed by a good scrub with a pumice stone (I bought mine at Stop & Shop for $2.99). I followed the same steps as before and used the pumice stone on my heels instead of the toothbrush.

Pumice stone

Pumice stone

My heels after using the pumice stone

My heels after using the pumice stone

Analysis: I found the toothbrush method was not as effective as I’d hoped. But, if you don’t already have an extra toothbrush lying around, a pumice stone is very inexpensive and more effective at removing that dead skin.

Cost: Approximately $8.00
Time Consumed: 20 minutes
Pre-Event Feasibility: This foot bath is a must if you are trying to save money before your big event. If you do this every few days your feet will look and feel years younger.
End Result: Go to the store and buy Epsom salt and a pumice stone. You will not be disappointed.

Check back next Wednesday – I will be trying a DIY brown sugar body scrub and a citrus salt body scrub. Both of these would make amazing gifts for the holidays… or for your bridesmaids! Stay tuned!

Find more of Sarah’s adventures in DIY beauty every Wednesday!


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