Mood Board Monday: Man Party

After a whirlwind week of last minute details, complications, resolutions of complications, we pulled off an extremely successful surprise 30th this weekend.

For the record – my measure of success is the amount of sheer goofiness I can achieve out of the most straight-faced of the party guests.

For this party, I focused on a few of the guest of honor’s favorite things – beer, cheese, and chocolate. Since his birthday actually takes place two days before the end of the Mayan calendar, and therefore the rumored end of existence, I added that into the theme as well: beer and cheese and chocolate and the apocalypse.

I present to you my initial inspiration board. It’s not completely cohesive, but my job was to make it that way in execution.

man party final1. Guinness Chocolate Cake from here 2. Killer Cheese Spread from here (with more awesome cheese photos, so check it out) 3. Black and Red Linens – the most apocalyptic colors I could think of. Photo from here.  4. Pimp your drink station. Such a goofy and good idea. From Rock n Roll Bride.  5. Wine glass lamps for centerpieces, from here.  6. Photo arrangement – I substituted “50” for “30” and added more collages. Photo from here.

Stay tuned to see how it all came together!


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