Q&A with Favorite Day: Introducing Renee

It’s time, once again, for another Favorite Day Q&A!  This time Laurie sat down with Renee, the super mastermind behind Favorite Day Event Production, to see what really makes her tick.


Renee: Ask me anything.

Laurie: OK, first question. In one sentence, who are you?

Renee: I am a multitasking ninja supermom with the power to leap small buildings in a single bound.

Laurie: Obviously. I love it.  Now, business question! What made you want to get in to the event business?

Renee: I have always loved entertaining guests and cooking for people, but I took a job out of college – and after some serious temp work – with a small consulting firm that required me to plan some pretty involved corporate events. That helped me realize how really detailed the whole event planning thing is. I didn’t realize how fun all of THAT could be until I planned my own wedding. After that I wanted to bring some of the more fun pieces into the corporate stuff I was doing for my day job. Since that isn’t always possible – I decided that I should do something on the side.  That was long.

Laurie: Planning events is fun, got it.

Renee: Ha.  I’m also not too bad at it.

Laurie: And so modest!

Renee: Always.

Laurie: If you, personally, could only focus on one thing while planning an event, what would it be?

Renee: This sounds completely boring, but the checklists and managing of people. I love the details and the decorations, but if you don’t organize everything nothing is ever going to get done. At any given moment I have at least 5 to-do lists going. I’m a freak.

Laurie: But an organized freak.  Let’s get a little less serious.

Renee: I like it.

Laurie: Now, I know that you are a pretty seasoned traveler, so, if you could travel anywhere (for free!) to plan an event where would you go?

Renee: Oh god. This is hard because I have about a million places I want to go. The first thing that popped into my head was Morocco – The architecture alone is a huge inspiration. And the spices, and the colors.  And everything.

Laurie: I love Moroccan everything!

Renee: OK it’s decided – let’s go.

Laurie: Yes! OK, think for a moment about the best party you ever threw. Describe it in 3 words.

Renee: -classy yet ridiculous-  Actually I think that describes most parties I throw?

Laurie:I was thinking that, too.  Also, I think that this should describe every party.

Renee: So true.

Laurie: If you could plan an event for a celebrity who would it be and what type of event would you plan?

Renee: I have a complete girl crush on Kristen Bell. And I think it would have to be something like a Halloween party where I could get really goofy with it.

Laurie: Fun! She’s having a baby now, I hear. Maybe she needs someone to plan a baby shower!

Renee:  WHAT?  I didn’t know this.  I need to catch up on my celebrity gossip.

Renee loves Kristen Bell almost as much as Kristen Bell loves sloths.

Laurie:Switching gears a bit. What was the last book you read?

Renee: I am reading two books right now. Storm of Swords (one of the “Game of Thrones” Song of Ice and Fire books, for all you non-nerd types), and An Everlasting Meal which is kind of amazing. Everyone who likes cooking should read it.  I also just read a Dr. Seuss book, but I do that most nights.

Laurie: I want someone to read Dr. Seuss to me at night.

Renee: I can call you tomorrow? Story time Skype date?

Laurie: Anytime!  Alright, home stretch!  For your birthday your husband is taking you out to a fabulous surprise location. You arrive and remove your blindfold. Where are you?

Renee: If he did a good job planning – I am in Italy where he has rented us a villa with some friends where we can drink wine and eat food and relax.

Laurie: This sounds great. I’ll let him know so that he can get to work.

Renee: I appreciate it.  He’s gonna need some help.

Laurie: OK, final question. Ready?

Renee: Maybe.

Laurie: You’re a super spy that has just been compromised and you need to leave the country and take up a new identity. Where do you go and what is your new name?

Renee: How did you find out? This conversation is terminated. Your computer will self-destruct in 5 minutes.

Laurie: Ha. You caught me.

Renee: Do I still have to answer?

Laurie: Only if you want a chance at a normal life.

Renee: I am Violet McNotaspy and I have disappeared into the jungles of Costa Rica.

Laurie: Fabulous!  That’s all I’ve got! Thanks!

Renee: Excellent!  Thanks for the interview it was lovely!

That’s it for now, folks. If you missed the previous interviews, you can find Sarah’s here and Laurie’s here

We’ve got some great posts in the works. Look out for our Thanksgiving series starting tomorrow!


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