Q&A with Favorite Day: Introducing Laurie

We’re continuing our “getting to know us” series with another Q&A! This week Sarah sat down with Laurie to find out where she gets her inspiration, what she likes to do with her free time and what her ideal party looks like.

photo by Altared Visions

Sarah: Tell me 3 things about yourself.
Laurie: Only 3? Ok, I like to read, I’m actually reading right now. Multitasker!
I’ve lived in New Hampshire all of my life.
and, um… I like cats.
Sarah: awesome. I am a big fan of cats. and New Hampshire.
I know you are a creative person. Where do you get your inspiration?
Laurie: A lot of my inspiration comes from things that I see on the internet. I’ll see something, and think, oh, that’s interesting, and then I’ll do it
but better
Sarah: haha love it. pinterest?
Laurie: YES!
Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship
There are so many good ideas (and an equal number of horrible ones)
Sarah: Oh I agree
Laurie: I wish I had the patience and time to try out everything.
Sarah: wouldn’t that be a dream?
I also hear you like to bake. What’s your favorite thing to make?
Laurie: I love making cupcakes.
Everyone gets their own cake.
Sarah: yes! love that. fancy cupcakes?
Laurie: So fancy.
or so I’m told.
Sarah: Well I’ve tried them. They were pretty amazing.
Laurie: That’s true. Secretly they are really easy and I feel a bit guilty that everyone thinks I spend so much time working on them.
Secret’s out.
Sarah: Haha, It is now.
Switching gears…. Do you remember the first wedding you went to?
Laurie: This is hard!
The earliest I remember I was 12, maybe 13 even.
Sarah: Oh wow!
Laurie: I have a lot of older cousins, but they aren’t much older than me. I’m sure I went to one before then, but I can’t for the life of me remember.
Sarah: I understand. What’s your favorite part of a wedding?
The ceremony? Reception?
Laurie: The reception, for sure!
Party time!
Sarah: Yessss. And the food…
Laurie: Yes. Food is good, always.
But I feel like everyone is always on edge until the ceremony ends.
Sarah: I agree. Maybe people just need a good signature cocktail.
Laurie: But then, immediately the mood lightens and people realize they can have fun.
yes, drinks all around!
Sarah: Exactly.
So, do you have a favorite movie?
Laurie: I love Labyrinth
It’s amazing.
Sarah: I love that movie!
Laurie: and I always watch The Polar Express during Christmas
Also, I love 80’s movies.
Sarah: You can’t go wrong with a good 80’s movie.
So you’re a cat person. Do you have a cat?
Laurie: I have two!
Sarah: That’s awesome. What are their names?
Laurie: Penny and Charlie.
They are large, and annoying most of the time.
But always adorable. They’re both sleeping next to me right now.

Sarah: Haha. awwww. My parents have 3 cats at home. They are all large and in charge.
Laurie: They’re great. I’m holding back because I don’t want to come off as a crazy cat lady.
Sarah: Haha. Fair enough.
What’s your favorite snack?
Laurie: Oh boy. Lately chocolate and almond butter
Sarah: Oooh sounds like a lovely snack
Laurie: I’m doing this whole no wheat thing, so snacking is difficult
but chocolate is good. You can often find me eating chocolate chips right out of the bag. I have no shame.
Sarah: We’re all friends here
2 more questions… the home stretch!
You’re stranded on an island and you only have 3 of your personal items. What would they be?
Laurie: does this island have electricity?
Sarah: sure why not!
Laurie: nice. Then, I would have my Kindle
and then, a bathing suit
Laurie: I’m so indecisive. I’m sitting here thinking, oh, do I need a bathing suit? Is there anyone else on this island?
third, I guess sunscreen.
Sarah: Hahaha
Laurie: that’s not really a personal item,
but I burn so easily.
Sarah: Good thinking. Protect that skin.
Laurie: I like how I turned a ‘deserted on an island’ into ‘tropical vacation’
Sarah: Hahah you really did. I’m laughing over here.
Okay, last question. In a few sentences, describe your perfect party.
Laurie: My perfect party is really simple. Good friends, good food, and good conversation. And maybe some Rock band.
Sarah: I like it. Do you play the drums? Everyone I talk to is the drummer.
Laurie: I’m pretty horrible on drums. But I play a mean guitar (on easy).
Sarah: Hahah. Gotta start somewhere.
Laurie: Also. we have a keytar.
which is pretty amazing.
Sarah: Whatttt! Sounds fancy
Keyboard guitar?
Laurie: Exactly
Sarah: I just googled it. That’s awesome.
Laurie: It’s like a guitar, but less cool.
Sarah: Well we’re done. Thanks lady!
Laurie: Thanks!

Laurie is hard at work on some mood boards and some party tips for upcoming posts. Keep checking back for more!


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