Q&A with Favorite Day: Introducing Sarah

In the next few weeks, we will be interviewing each other so you can get to know us a little better. After that, we hope to interview photographers, caterers, and other folks in the industry, so  you get some tips and advice from the pros on how you can make your event awesome. This week, Renee sat down with Sarah to learn more about her in a totally non-creepy way. 
sarah pic
Renee: want to get started?
Sarah: yes.
Renee: are you nervous?
Sarah: should i be!?!?!
Renee:  First – tell me a bit about yourself.
Sarah: Oh boy. This is always a tough question for me. Let’s see.. I grew up in New Hampshire and felt like I had to move away when I graduated from college. Now I love going back home. Funny how that works. I’m a really sarcastic person and hardly ever serious unless I need to be. I enjoy making people laugh, which is where the sarcasm comes in I guess.
Renee: Sarcastic? I never noticed!
Sarah: I know right!
Renee: What do you normally eat for breakfast?
Sarah: Toast with honey peanut butter and an apple, also with peanut butter. Mostly just peanut butter. and coffee.
Renee: I feel like if you and I were roommates we would have cabinets of peanut butter. Cabinets upon cabinets.
Sarah: Oh we would fight over the peanut butter.
Renee: What is your favorite thing to do when you’re feeling fancy?
Sarah: When I’m feeling really fancy I like to get a manicure and pedicure (at the same time!), but that is rare. I don’t know… I guess just girly things that girls do, like wearing heels on a Tuesday.
Renee: Tell me about the best party you’ve ever attended.
Sarah: This is a hard one. I’ve been to some beautiful weddings and some fun parties, but the best party I think I’ve been to was an ugly Christmas sweater party… which is kind of funny.
Renee:  Awesome. What did your sweater look like?
Sarah: Oh it was so bad, but great. It was actually my mom’s old sweater vest with a snowman on one side and a santa on on the other side.
Renee: Haha nice! What was your favorite thing about the party besides your amazing outfit?
Sarah: It was simple. A house party. But my favorite part was seeing people that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I was able to re-connect with them… and it was the holiday season which is always fun.
Renee: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Sarah: I take after my dad with this one. I love black raspberry with chocolate sauce.
Renee: mmmm.
Sarah: or peanut butter sauce….
Renee: Haha. Yes. Ok – . Scenario: You’ve decided to quit your day job and become a full-time celebrity stalker. Who do you stalk and why?
Sarah: Yes! Finally! I would definitely stalk Jennifer Garner. I have this strange obsession with her. She just seems so badass on TV and film but so relatable when you see her with her family. Also, I have a crush on Jason Bateman. Anyone that can make me laugh wins my vote.
Renee: I love it. Favorite color?
Sarah: I like any shade of blue. Gold is fun too.
Renee: Yes! Gold is my new favorite. Maybe I like shiny things? Speaking of gold – If I bought you a goldfish, what would you name it?
Sarah: Haha yes! I think Mr. Wigglesworth is a pretty cool name, but it’s not realistic. I would never call him that. I think I will name it Oscar.
Renee: New scenario! I am giving you a plane ticket to anywhere and ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Where do you go and what do you do first?
Sarah: Wow – I would probably go to Europe – I would start maybe in Italy and then travel around to France, Spain, Germany, and obviously Switzerland. I would try so much food, beer and wine. That would just be amazing.
Renee: Fantastic. Two more questions! Home stretch!
Sarah: ok!
Renee:  If you were getting married tomorrow, what would the party look like?
Sarah: Let me see… I see it being somewhere in New Hampshire. I always pictured the ceremony being outside, possibly overlooking a lake. The reception just a walk inside. I picture my bridesmaid dresses like a champagne color. Just some things I’ve thought about!
Renee: Sounds lovely. I’m invited, right?
 Sarah: Oh obviously. VIP.
Renee: Yesssss! OK LAST ONE! From a planning perspective…
  …tell me about your dream event….
  ..in haiku.
 Sarah: Hahaha. Yes. this is hard!!!!!
Twinkling lights above
Signature cocktails all night
A large firework booms
does that work?
Renee: I like it!  Alright thats all i’ve got! Thanks for the interview lady!
Sarah: no problem!
You can catch more of Sarah in her upcoming blog posts where she will play the part of internet beauty treatment test subject. We know you’re scouring Pinterest for something to make your hair, skin, and nails awesome for your event. Sarah does the dirty work and will tell you if they are worth your time! (Stay tuned!)

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