Signature Cocktails: The Mason Jar and The Sage & Cucumber Smash

Every other Friday, I will be showcasing cocktail recipes. I hope you consider these for your signature cocktails! I will aim to keep these drinks cost effective, easy to make, creative, and beautiful. Most importantly, they will all be taste-tested and Favorite Day approved. And we think we have pretty good taste.

I’m not sure what it is about single-serving foodstuffs (drinkstuffs?) that make them so appealing. The convenience? The novelty? Either way, I spun the concept a bit for a personal party I threw in my backyard. With booze.

Enter the 8oz. mason jar.


It was perfect. Fancy cocktails made ahead of time and ready-to-grab for an outdoor movie. No getting up to mix something and missing a scene, and no worrying about spilling your beverage as you pour from a pitcher in the dark. No worrying about bugs getting into the pitcher. I didn’t have to worry about bar-tending. I could use those cute paper-straws I bought. Simple. Elegant. Fun.

Except they didn’t last until the movie. Half of them didn’t even make it into the cooler. People grabbed multiples as I was heading out with them in my hands. In short, they were kind of a hit.

Here’s the rundown. For a party of 20 adults, consisting of drinkers and non-drinkers, I made 24 single-serving mason jar cocktails. 12 gin cocktails (recipe below), 12 sangrita (a sangria/margarita hybrid). The mason jars themselves cost 83 cents each. Lesson learned – I need to buy more mason jars.

More important than the concept is the contents. I adapted and simplified this recipe from a friend’s suggestion (Meaghan over at Booze Epoque – check them out! Her cocktail recipes are far more beautiful/more complex/more delicious than mine, and they include local and homemade ingredients.)


Sage & Cucumber Smash

  • Cucumber
  • Sage
  • Gin (Hendrick’s would be lovely for this, but I used Seagrams and it was still delicious)
  • Lemonade
  • Lemon for Garnish

Take a few rings of cucumber, and tear up a few leaves of sage into shreds. place at the bottom of an 8 oz. mason jar and top with a little lemonade. Smash to bits with a pestle (or, lacking a pestle, another blunt and wide kitchen object. I think I used the wide end of an ice cream scoop. Don’t judge me). Add 1-2 shots of gin (depending on how strong you would like your cocktail. I used about 2 oz. gin). Add garnish of lemon wedge and slice of cucumber. Top off with lemonade. Close jar and chill. Serve with an awesome straw.


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